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Micro USB to MHL HDMI TV Cable Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S2 & Note

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Micro USB to MHL HDMI TV Cable Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S2 & Note is ideal for connecting your Tablet, Smartphone or other MHL enabled device to an HDMI TV using your HDMI cable.

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The MHL (USB Micro-B) to HDMI (Type-A female) adapter is ideal for connecting your Tablet, Smartphone or other MHL enabled device to an HDMI TV using your HDMI cable. This adapter transmits both audio and video, so now you can view your pictures, watch movies or listen to music on a TV or home theater system*. This MHL to HDMI adapter incorporates Mobile High-Definition Link version 1.0 technology. The adapter easily connects to the USB 2.0 Micro-B port of a MHL enabled device. Use your HDMI cable to connect the MHL to HDMI adapter to an HDTV or an HDMI home theater system.


The power cable must be connected to the adapter while using it to send video and audio through HDMI. Power cable is not included in packaging. The standard Micro USB charging cable provided with your device can be used.


This is only for MHL compatible phones. Please make sure your phone is compatible before purchase.


The RCP function will only work with HDTV’s that are compatible. It will not work with all TV’s.


To use RCP, connect your phone to the HDMI port on the TV.  Set the following settings on your TV:
Note: Menu setting headings may differ depending on the brand of your TV.
Go to Menu/Tools > Settings/Input > Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) > MHL Device (Setup) and set Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) to ON.
Go to Menu/Tools > Settings/Input > Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) > MHL Device (Setup) > Searching Connections.
After searching is complete, Anynet+ settings complete will be displayed.


Here is a list of phones that are MHL compatible as of November, 2011:

Acer CloudMobile phone
Galaxy Nexus phone
HTC Amaze 4G phone
HTC Flyer tablet
HTC Rezound phone
HTC Sensation phone
HTC Sensation XE phone
HTC Vivid phone
HTC Sensation 4G phone
HTC EVO 3D phone
HTC Evo 4G LTE phone
HTC EVO View 4G phone
HTC Raider phone
HTC Velocity phone
HTC Flyer phone
HTC JetStream phone
HTC One S phone
HTC One X phone
Huawei Ascend P1 phone
Huawei Ascend P1 S phone
Huawei Ascend D Quad phone
Huawei Ascend D Quad XL phone
Huawei Ascend D1 phone
LG Verizon Spectrum phone
LG Optimus LTE phone
LG Optimus LTE w/ NFC phone
LG Nitro HD phone
LG Prada phone
LG Optimus Vu phone
LG Optimus 4X HD phone
LG Optimus 3D Max phone
Lenovo S2 phone
Meizu MX phone
Pantech Vega LTE phone
Samsung Epic 4G Touch phone
Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone
Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet
Samsung Galaxy S II phone
Samsung Galaxy R phone
Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet
Samsung Infuse 4G phone
Samsung Skyrocket HD phone
Samsung TXT phone
Sony Xperia GX phone
ZTE PF200 phone


This cable is NOT compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2


To connect your device, follow these steps (view image above):
Connect a universal HDMI cable (not included) into the MHL adapter (1) and your TV (2).
Connect the Travel charger included with your phone into the MHL adapter (3). Warning !: MHL adapter may not function properly when used with other travel chargers.
Connect your Travel Charger to approved power source (4).
Connect the MHL adapter into the micro USB port on your phone (5).This is the same port that your normally use to connect your Travel Charger.
Select the appropriate HDMI Port on your TV (consult your TV owner’s manual).The TV screen will display what is on your phone.



New generic MHL Micro USB to HDMI Adapter, Black
Support 1080p HD video and digital audio
Quantity: 1
Use this micro USB to HDMI MHL adapter to connect your MHL devices to your HD Television
Connect your micro USB 5-pin port to an HDMI (type A) device
Supports all audio/ video resolutions, including 1080p
Power your cell phone while It’s in use with the charger
Supports up to 8 channels of audio and 7.1 surround sound
Works with 3D video and HDCP media protection
Designed for cell phone’s that use MHL technology
Uses Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) version 1.0 technology
Color: Black
Accessory ONLY, device not included

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