Silicone Keyboards



Silicone keyboards are becoming more and more popular, they have several advantages and are extremely versatile.

For one they are very easy to clean and sanitize, most of the silicone keyboards that we carry are waterproof or water resistant so you can literally wash them with soap and water. To get other keyboards completely clean would require some dismantling and then you are running the risk of damaging your keyboard and/or voiding a warranty.¬† Spill coffee on the keyboard? No problem, just wipe it off and go about your day! The ease of cleaning and disinfecting is particularly useful in this day in age where we are worrying about flu bugs and other contaminants that we don’t want lurking in our work spaces. The keys are also silent, which is great in a very quiet environment, you get consistent performance with out the loud and at times irritating clicks.

Our keyboards are made of high quality silicone, and preform well in extenuating  environments such as warehouses that may be dusty or otherwise exposed to the elements, medical settings where patient health and safety is top priority or even just around the house where a child could spill a drink on the keyboard while doing homework.


We offer a wide array of layouts and styles such as foldable flexible keyboards, full size silicone keyboards, compact silicone keyboards and wireless silicone keyboards.

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