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    • This elegant, premium pedal is front-hinged and has a textured surface. For most users, it provides more comfort and control than the outer pedals of the Triple Pedal Foot Switch. It comes with a 10 foot cable and works with all models (past and present) of the Kinesis Advantage and Advantage2 keyboards. A self-adhesive, hook & loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired.

      Perfect for offloading work from overused hands and fingers. Use it for triggering often used key actions such as “Shift”, “Space” or “Tab” or activating the Advantage keyboard’s embedded keypad.


    • The Kinesis Advantage Triple Pedal is the most efficient way to take advantage of the unique foot input options provided with all Kinesis Advantage2 and Advantage Contoured™ keyboards.

      Default actions are “Tab”, “Keypad Shift”, and “Enter”. The “Keypad Shift” action turns on the embedded keypad layer as long as the pedal is held down. If the Keypad Toggle function key is tapped first, then the “Keypad Shift” pedal will turn OFF the embedded keypad layer while the pedal is held down.

      With a programmable Contoured keyboard, the foot pedal may be configured to perform any user-defined keystroke or macro!

      Contoured™ keyboard users often find a foot pedal boosts productivity by enabling instant access to shortcuts (macros) or remapped keys in the “embedded” (keypad) layer.

      Modifiers are often useful foot switch actions, to reduce the awkward reaches often required to produce key combinations.

      Number crunchers (especially bookkeepers and accountants) usually find a foot switch provides a huge productivity boost with a Contoured keyboard. With the center pedal, you get instant access to the embedded numeric keypad, without moving your hands from the home row of keys.




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