QuadJoy 4 Complete Kit. Mouth Operated Joystick

    QuadJoy 4 Complete Kit. Mouth Operated Joystick


    Quadjoy 4 Complete Kit. QuadJoy is a mouth-operated joystick. The joystick is controlled with your mouth or chin. The farther you move the joystick, the faster the cursor moves. Mouse button activation can be made with the built-in sip and puff switch.

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    Optional Upgrades

    Arm Length
    Mounting Clamp
    Cable Length



    Included in the package:

    Quadjoy 4 Mouse (QD-M4)

    2 small cable clips (Q-CS-2) of custom-molded plastic designed for the QuadJoy flex arm to hold down the USB and DIN cables. Clips have two slots. The smaller slot is intended for the USB cable, and the larger space is designed for the optional DIN-8 cable.

    2 Line & Luer (Q-SUPPLIES), 2 Sticks, 2 Hydrophobic Filter, and 4 Saliva Filters. This supplies package will cover all the critical parts that need periodic replacement.

    18″ Flexible Mounting Arm w/Articulating End (Q-ARM-18ART). A flexible arm can be bent to position the mouse. The articulating end is intended to make the final mouse positioning easy.

    C-Clamp (Q-Clamp). This is the standard clamp & is intended to be used on a square-edged surface up to 1 7/8-inch-thick with at least a 1 1/2-inch overhang.

    6ft USB Cable. This cable connects the QuadJoy to your computer. The QJ App can only be run on Windows. Thus this cable is necessary to change any settings on the QuadJoy. USB A-B Cable / 6ft


    Optional Upgrades:

    Arm Length:
    Q-ARM-24ART 24″ Flexible Mounting Arm w/Articulating End.
    Q-ARM-30ART 30″ Flexible Mounting Arm w/Articulating End.
    Q-ARM-24-FIX 24″ Flexible Mounting Arm w/Fixed C-Clamp & w/Articulating End

    Mounting Clamp:
    Q-CLAMP-360 This is the same clamp as Q-Clamp with a rotating head that can be adjusted to any position, with dual studs making it easier to orient the arm to eliminate the tolerance issue.
    Q-CLAMP-56 Pipe Mounting Clamp for 13mm-56mm diameter with spacer block and quick connect stud. Q-Clamp56 can be used on a flat, round or irregular surface and includes the same rotating head with the dual studs.

    Cable length:
    QC-USB-10 USB A-B Cable / 10ft
    QC-USB-15 USB A-B Cable / 15ft



    QuadJoy a mouth operated joystick. The joystick is controlled with your mouth or chin. The farther you move the joystick, the faster the cursor moves. Mouse button activation can be made with the built in sip and puff switch, a switch with the external switch jack or manually with the actual mouse buttons for able body assistants. Switch users can use QuadJoy with External Switch Jack for mouse button activation. QuadJoy can be mounted to most flat surfaces and is assembled to mount on the user’s right-hand side.

    Mouse Function Mouth Movement
    Left Click Quick Sip
    Right Click, Quick Puff
    Scroll Down Slow Sip
    Scroll Up Slow Puff



    • USB Plug & Play
    • 4-Buttons and 2-Scroll Functions
    • Adjustable Pointer speeds.
    • Adjustable Double Click Speeds (Windows functions)
    • Indicator LED’s
    • Built-in filter to absorb saliva
    • Quick and easy change of hygienic stick
    • Durable ABS plastic case–includes all needed cables
    • Flexible Mounting Arm & Clamp included.
    • Right(Standard)or Left Side Mounting Options
    • Dual Mounting Studs on a 2 1/2″ C-clamp makes horizontal or vertical mounting a breeze.
    • Special needs options–Reverse Sip/Puff, Low Lung Capacity, Left Side Mount (no extra charge)
    • No tools necessary for setup and mounting!



    Windows, OSX (No Driver Required)


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    Additional information

    Weight3 lbs
    Dimensions8 × 6 × 3 in


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